Dunja & Eve -two beautiful dog ladies *conspicuous kidney values áde!

Dunja, my collie bitch, was born in 2010.
She has been my faithful companion since she was 9 weeks old, and Eve, my Australian Shepherd bitch, also born in 2010, came to me when she was 1.5 years old.

I've always thought a lot about dog nutrition. Dry food? Wet food? Both?
Barfeeding was and is out of the question for various reasons. I have really tried a lot of things, but was never particularly satisfied with the "result" (too much output, dull and flaky coat).

My friend, who is also a dog owner, introduced me to tinned fresh meat. So I did some research first, as there are considerable differences in tinned food too!
My friend's tip sounded very good: very high meat content, natural, grain-free, no animal testing and no factory farming. I was really excited. So I got in touch and a nutritionist got in touch with me.

Mrs Puttrich gave me really great advice, asked a lot of detailed information about my dogs (size, weight, state of health, allergies, etc.) and answered all my questions in great detail.
She helped me with the changeover to fresh meat food. I was and still am able to rely on her support when I have questions. This makes me feel that I am in very good hands. A big THANK YOU for this.

Switching to fresh meat did not cause any problems. My dogs are given different varieties, and they simply love and tolerate the food. Oh what am I saying...... they love it!
They watch me with beaming eyes when I finish their food. I enjoy watching them eat it myself.
But the most important thing is that a few things have changed for the better:
*the output has decreased considerably
*Eve's conspicuous kidney values are back in the normal range - what a relief!
*dull and scaly coat are history, the coat has become very shiny and feels wonderfully soft.

I have found THE diet for my dogs. We are definitely sticking to it.
My dogs thank me with their health, vitality and great looks.
And for the first time I have a really good gut feeling about feeding my dogs according to their species.

Best regards, Gudrun Holzem with Dunja and Eve

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