Weight problems with Jule

Dear Anifit team,

Our Jule's weight was actually always on the lower side and she was also very picky about her food. We then tried something new and changed the types of food in the hope of finding something she liked to eat. After an illness, she lost a bit more weight and we struggled to feed her up. After she once again refused to eat for almost two days, the first packet of Anifit arrived. Admittedly, I was still very sceptical at first. When I put the first portion in her bowl, she ate immediately and I was pleasantly surprised. Jule was delighted with the food and finally tucked in without grumbling. When I came home from the night shift in the morning, she immediately went to her bowl and begged for her breakfast. At first I thought my boyfriend, who left the house before me, had forgotten to feed Jule. But it turned out that he had already fed her and she had actually managed to outsmart us both and had been getting a double breakfast more and more often. We are very happy with the food and have already noticed that Jule's coat is shinier now.

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