Change of food for Branka

Dear team,

I would like to share my experience with Anifit food. Branka, my 4 year old French Bulldog is a very poor eater and it is difficult to find something suitable that she can also tolerate. We were initially given great advice and the trial set was delivered very quickly. And what can I say? I was annoyed that I had ordered the small set, Branka inhaled the tins one after the other and I was amazed when she "just" ate 400g. And best of all, she tolerates it really well.

No more than the usual burping and still normal faeces. Which shows me personally that she can handle it well. I think her particular highlight is the added vegetable mix, which I let steep in warm water beforehand. And if I'm not careful, our cat is quicker and attacks the food for the dog! And although it's not intended for her, she tolerates it too.

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