CHEWY and his first samples of Anifit

Dear Anifit team,

Since 19 June, we have had a mongrel from animal welfare, who now accompanies me and us all the time and makes us all very happy. I wanted to give my "Chewy", a Chow-Chow-Havanese mix from southern Spain, the same food as my previous dog, who unfortunately died in the spring. I initially ordered a taster pack. I have now been feeding him different varieties of Anifit for 2 weeks and have noticed that he has become much more alert and attentive. For me this was very noticeable and did not coincide with the well-known phenomenon that the dogs from the animal emergency aid can become freer in their behaviour after some time and possibly also more demanding. That time was long gone. He is 1.5 years old and was very calm, sweet and well-adjusted when he came to us. He still is, but in a different way. The moment he got the new food he became livelier, his eyes were clearer and he also seemed somehow more intelligent. He is still a calm and very pleasant companion, almost like a therapy dog. Everyone who sees him likes him and he is always popular, but his nature now comes through much more clearly and authentically than if it had been veiled, clouded or covered up before. For me, this is a clear signal that he is doing very well on this food and that the good food can have such an effect. It means that his real character comes out more clearly and he is happier.

I wish the same for other dogs.

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