Bärli's bad breath is gone!

Dear Anifit team,

In July 18, a friend asked me if I would like to come along to a lecture on dog nutrition. She knew that I was very interested in it. Up to that point, Bärli had been on a kibble diet. I always endeavoured to use organic products. Barfeeding is very time-consuming, but I hadn't yet found a very good alternative with tinned food. It was only after Mr Kultermann's very interesting and extremely informative presentation that I was almost convinced that this could be a very good food for my little bear. We received samples, which my little darling ate with enthusiasm. I did some research on the Internet and learnt that it is the best tinned food on the market. Mr Kultermann said, among other things, that if a dog has bad breath and suffers from tartar, it is a question of over-acidification of the body. Bärli led the way. I have been feeding Anifit since around the end of September

and I can confirm that the bad breath is gone and he has almost no more tartar. Bärli also feels better all round. He eats the food with enthusiasm and loves the super treats even more.

However, I also have a suggestion to offer more variants with fish, as there are for cats.

Anita Smentek

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