Shorty (loss of appetite)





Hello dear Anifit team,

My Jack-Russel Terrier Shorty finally looks healthy!

For a long time we had to struggle with recurring illnesses, dull fur and loss of appetite. Then our veterinary practitioner, Mrs Lohmann, drew our attention to the ANIfit food. At first I was sceptical because I was also told that my last food (xxxxxx*)) was very healthy and contained a high percentage of meat. "Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating", I thought to myself. And that was exactly right. Shorty has been on the food for about 3 months, his coat is shiny, his temperament is calmer and so far he hasn't been ill. The best thing is that he loves the food so much that he always sits in front of me in the kitchen from 1 p.m. and waits for me to prepare his meal. It's so great, I can only recommend this food.

LG Sabrina & Shorty ;-)

*) Brand name of Anifit removed for legal reasons,

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