Robby (weak immune system)





Hello dear Anifit team,

Last winter, my dog Robby, 11 years old, Jack Russell, became very ill. Very worried, I made an appointment with the veterinary practitioner Mrs Rosen-Strauch, who is also an Anifit consultant. She gave Robby a bio-resonance treatment and advised me to change his diet to Anifit food immediately. My dog's immune system had been severely weakened by food from discount stores and his intestinal flora was out of balance. I had never thought about a species-appropriate, healthy diet for my pet before.

Today my dog is fit and agile again, loves to eat his food every day and has a muscular physique again. A walker recently said to me that he had never seen a Jack Russell with such an atletic physique!

What can I say: The quality of the Anifit food and the customer service provided by Mrs Rosen-Strauch convinced me so much that I have since become a successful Anifit consultant myself.

Marita Polat

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