Amy (change of food)





Dear Anifit team!

More than 2 years ago I met Katharina Reimann while shopping - and if my memory serves me right, Amy, my dog, was waiting at the door.

Mrs Reimann spoke to me about dog nutrition and asked me if we could meet so that she could introduce me to her product. She came to my house and told me about the benefits of "Anifit". Of course: dogs are canids and are carnivores. I had found out about the most suitable dry food from Stiftung Warentest, but it also contains a large proportion of grain, which has no place in canine food. And it's difficult to test what really ends up in dry food.

The stricter animal welfare laws in Sweden and the composition of Anifit convinced me during the interview. Last but not least, I also found the lovely drawings on the food tins amusing!

Over time, Amy got a more suitable figure with the Anifit food, which wasn't quite right with the dry food. She was always a little "chubby"! Her sleek, black coat has a stunning lustre that many people comment on when we are out and about. She doesn't smell like a dog at all - not even when she's wet. She is funny, lively and lively even at almost nine years old. She does her business very quickly in the morning so that she can get her breakfast very quickly, which is eaten in no time at all. She makes two piles a day, which have a good consistency so that they are easy to collect.

It's great that I can order Anifit by phone and it arrives the next day.

I am completely satisfied with the product and am grateful that Mrs Reimann pointed it out to me at the time.

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