Louis (itching)





On 3 July 2014, we travelled to Hamburg to pick up our animal welfare dog Louis from the airport. Our poodle mix came directly from Cyprus, where he was
Cyprus in March, where he was found completely neglected and covered in fleas and ticks. I remember our dog scratching himself constantly, which I put down to the vermin. If you have to scratch endlessly, you can't get rid of it so quickly, I thought. Our dog was just right for the vet. I went home with hyperallergenic and hyper-expensive sensitive food. The food came out of the dog the same way it went in. I wondered what the dog's body could actually utilise from this dry food. I was not happy with it. The scratching didn't change a bit. Fortunately, I met an Anifit consultant on one of our walks. She noticed the scratching straight away and we quickly got talking.

The very next day she provided me with documents and food samples. Louis greedily pounced on Anifit and I ordered my first tins of Anifit, still sceptical (if the vet couldn't help). Four weeks later, the scratching became much less, until it finally stopped completely.

The expert nutritional advice from the consultant and the fact that she is always available when problems arise are great. At the beginning I wasn't so familiar with the order quantities. If I ran out of food, I was immediately helped out with tins. My consultant advised me to try the hassle-free standing order. I've been an Anifit fan ever since. Of course our dog scratches himself from time to time, but the sleepless nights of constant scratching are fortunately a thing of the past. Louis has a regular digestion and has tolerated Anifit very well right from the start and really enjoyed eating it, regardless of the variety. His immune system seems to be working well, as he wasn't ill in the first year he spent with us. For me as a working mum of three, the hassle-free tinned food with the certainty of feeding the dog healthy fresh meat is great. The timely delivery service works perfectly. I am happy to recommend Anifit in dog circles. I keep in more or less regular contact with my specialist advisor. We meet sporadically on walks, where we always find plenty of dog-related topics of conversation. In retrospect, I am grateful to her for approaching me and convincing me.

Thanks also to Anifit for our healthy dog.

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