Change of food from Idefix





Dear Anifit team,

Our Idefix is now a 2-year-old little Havanese and has a mind of his own. He was a bad eater right from the start. It took us quite a while to find a suitable food for him. After your kind visit, we then started to switch Idefix to Anifit food in December 2014. That was a challenge in itself. "I don't know it, I don't like it and that's it..." Initially, we mixed the "old food" with the new one. But he didn't always eat that either. Often nothing at all for days. But after about 6 weeks we were victorious!!! Today he gets his meal in the evening and is finished in no time at all. He eats everything except the fish flavours. Well, you can live with that. He's fit as a fiddle, but still calm and not so "jittery" and a real little clown. The treats, such as the dried beef, are a hit. His tail is wagging and he is already sitting in position and it takes him almost too long until he finally gets some of it. It is then thrown through the air and he leaps after it.

It was a good decision to persevere and switch Idefix to Anifit.

Thank you very much for your good advice.

Best regards

P.and R. Kremers

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