Nana (food refusal)





Dear Anifit team,

Until 3 years ago, my Bernese Mountain Dog called Nana was fed dry food, which was recommended to me by a specialist retailer. Nana always struggled a lot with her skin and regularly had a hot spot, which was painstakingly treated by the vet with medication.
Nana also ate very badly and always left half of her food out. We almost had to force her to eat.
After switching to Anifit 3 years ago, Nana's skin gradually improved and there was no longer any trace of a hot spot. You could also see how Nana lost her slight excess weight and her coat became shinier. There is now no food left in her bowl and if she were allowed to, she would eat another ration straight away.
It's fascinating how illnesses can disappear through a healthy diet and vet costs can be saved as a result.

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