The success story of a discarded breeding dog





What does this have to do with ANIFIT?

Well, I've had my own dogs since 1985, I used to travel a lot and the dogs came with me, so it was clear to me that only dry food (flake-meat mix) was an option as a basic diet and then, if time and place allowed, fresh food as well.

Times change, so do food compositions and in October 2014 with our English bulldog Harika from "Retriever in Not" (liberty for dogs) we quickly realised that it is no longer so easy to get good quality food...not even fresh... we then did what many do...

Tried various tinned foods (high priced ones): the dog bloated, stank from the throat, lost hair (her white coat turned red, as often happens with Westhighland White Terriers), mushy faeces that could rival an elephant

Dry food: bloating became less, the amount of faeces became more and even more mushy and Harika still did not gain weight (20 kg shoulder height of 43 cm with protruding spine and visible ribs despite her excessive wrinkles, unfortunately there are no pictures that show this properly).

As it came in at the top, it came out at the bottom...
No matter what I tried, the dog reacted promptly, often with diarrhoea.
In January of this year, I remembered that in May 2014

Ludwina Roth and I still had the flyer from the ANIFIT show in Vechta...(at that time I didn't have a new dog and wet food was impractical in my mind anyway!!!)
So I simply sent off the flyer and she got in touch straight away ... made an appointment and then there was the "trial meal" for Harika ... I still wasn't convinced, as I am a person who needs to be convinced by results.

So I bit the bullet and accepted the suddenly "high" feed costs and embarked on the ANIFIT experiment... I read everything there was to read about it, followed the recommendations for the changeover and was always able to turn to Mrs Roth with questions, who is always available to me as a competent, practical and patient contact person. Thank you for that!

Result: the change was worth it!!! Harika is now with 24 kg a bulldog as she stands in the book: the coat shines, she is slim but full, no longer stinks behind and in front, her movements are supple and she has an elastic gait, is overall more agile and alert, that even the foster home where Harika was before, has found that Harika has made out great ...

With wet food when travelling: it's just a matter of planning, as I'm away with the dog for the week, I pack the food for the whole week. I cook the vegetables that Harika gets in addition in jars, as I don't have any cooling facilities at work...that's an extra 30 minutes a week...ridiculous...

In a nutshell: I have been convinced by the result!!! and by the competent support of your consultant Ludwina Roth, who (even without being asked) always enquires from time to time how the food is going and whether the dog is still doing well etc. For me, my loyalty to the product stands and falls firstly with the product itself and secondly with the contact person on site. We are more than satisfied with both.

A small side note for all those for whom good food is too expensive: as long as you still have money to throw away, smoke, drink, make unnecessary journeys by car, etc., the food for the creatures entrusted to us cannot be too expensive!

With best regards

Antje Hansen with the bulldogs Harika and Maxa

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