Delicious food


Hello Anifit,

I (Winnie , Beagle ) would like to thank you very much for opening my owner's and master's eyes to my diet. Until March 2014, I had to live on dry food, supplemented with a little wet food. It was well-intentioned (advertising and all that), but I didn't really like it. So I usually waited until the evening to see if there was anything better to eat. That wasn't the case. So I had to eat that. Then came March and the Anifit consultant Mrs Nederkorn (then still Janssen) from Wassenberg. She simply spoke to me. In a home visit with lots of verbal and written information, my family was convinced.

After a test meal, I am now allowed to eat properly. I'm not a cow. Thanks to your help, the changeover went without a hitch. Now I can't wait for someone to prepare my food. Unlike before, I empty the bowl completely. There are only occasional top-ups and there is always enough food. (Automatic delivery)
I also no longer have to poo as often and I no longer have any stomach ache. Sawdust and the like are not digested. With the small tins I can go on holiday without a fridge.

Many thanks for that.

Kind regards

Sir Winston ( for friends Winnie )

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