Thanks to Power Darm, their bowel movements are back to normal

I am the proud owner of 2 dog ladies. Finya got diarrhoea from every dog food, which was only alleviated by medicinal mud. The disadvantage is that the appetite is extremely increased.
Last week I tried Anifit for the first time.
The previous consultation with Mrs Zintl was very good, no time pressure etc. Today I went straight for supplies, because Finya has had no more diarrhoea since the first feeding with Anifit! I am therefore convinced that Anifit is a really high quality dog food.
In terms of price, it's a bit more expensive...but ...I'm fine when my ladies are fine.
Unfortunately, my ladies have diarrhoea from time to time. On the one hand it's due to a pre-existing condition called Babiosis, on the other hand they were both so-called "street dogs" and like to eat hazelnuts that are not yet ripe, etc. Well, everything you can find in the garden or on the street when their mistress is not quick enough. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carola Zintl, who always has an open ear and has explained the connections between liver, intestines, unwillingness to eat, flatulence, loss of appetite, etc. Thanks to Power Darm, both of their bowel movements are back to normal. We will stay with Anifit and Carola Zintl

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