Squeak Fidel with Anifit!

On 7 March 2022 we were looking for new food for our two dogs 🐶 🐕!

We came across some very good information about ANIfit.

We then left a message on Mrs Zintl's machine! She called us back very quickly. She explained to us what we could take for a very sensitive dog.

Our Timmy, a male dog, is white and very sensitive. According to the vet, he should eat an expensive special dry food. Enthusiasm of our sunshine - I allow it, I'm hungry but I don't like it.

When we started the changeover, we mixed in the special food once and what does he do, he sucks it all off and skilfully leaves us the rest. Ok, we thought, either he gets a rash everywhere again or it works!

We followed Mrs Zintl's instructions. To start with potatoes, vegetables and 75 grams of food, then 100 grams the next day and increase a little at a time. Every morning we felt him, did he get a rash, did he get diarrhoea as usual and: NOTHING! We cried with joy! At last he's doing great 👍 he's really building up again, our old Timmy. Squeaky Fidel is happy about everything and he is doing much better!

Our dog Lucy also gets the food because she always had mushy stools and scratched herself and here too everything is fine and she also loves the food. I can only recommend it - we are all totally thrilled.

I gave my friend's dog some tins and he is feeling better and has finally put on weight again and even the vet was delighted 😄 My friend now wants to order the food for her dog all the time.

A thousand thanks to Mr and Mrs Zintl 😊 for the recommendation!

Best wishes from Timmy, Lucy and their mums, the Pardon family

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