Abby (stomach and intestinal infections)


Dear Anifit Team,

My name is Abby. I haven't been the most voracious dog since I was born. I'm more like a small child. I like to leave my main meal until the evening, but I'm right up there with the treats.

But once I've dared to go to my bowl, no-one can get me away so quickly. I'm always loud and clear that I'm full and satisfied afterwards.

In the first few months of my life, I was often out of action with flu, colds or stomach and intestinal infections and had to lie around in my basket. There was no time for romping around the dog park or in the garden!

But since I've been eating Anifit's food, things are looking up again:

Thank you, dear Anifit team, that I no longer have to spend my energy at the vet, but can give my full power every day while playing.

Your Abby

July 2013

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